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House of Spirits: "Rumple Minze" recipes and a closer look at what is Rumble Minze.

House of Spirits: "Rumple Minze" recipes and a closer look at what is Rumble Minze.

Basically Rumple Minze is a high proof peppermint schnapps. The alcohol content is 50% or 100 proof, making a little more potent than other liqueurs that average about 80 proof.

Rumple Minze, is produced by the Scharlachberg Distillery, in Germany. It is a classic style German Liqueur. But the brand itself is owned by a London based company Diageo, and is also a product of Canada.

The graphic on the bottle is a image of a double headed golden eagle. This graphic is a German coat of arms.

Rumple Minze has released two new flavors, The first is a berry flavored and the second is a lime flavor beverage.

A bottle of Rumple Minze.

Rumble Minz has a distinctive strong defining peppermint flavor.

Rumple Minze can be drunk in a variety of ways. At it's most basic, it can be drunk chilled straight on ice, drinking it this way is  very popular. Drinking it this way it can be used as a digestif or a Apertif.
A digestif is an alcoholic beverage served after the meal to aid digestion. An apéritif is an alcoholic beverage commonly drunk before a meal to stimulate ones appetite.

Also, Rumple Minze is mixed with many different types of cocktails. We will give you some of the most popular Rumble Minz recipes below. 

RUMPLE MINZE RECIPES (Rumple Minze cocktail drink recipes)

Hot Chocolate Schnapps Recipe AKA The Hot Chocolate Sin Recipe:
(Great warm cocktail for the colder months)
Hot Chocolate Packet
Rumple Minze
Make hot chocolate according to instructions.
Mix in Rumple Minze and enjoy.

German Peach recipe:
(This is a short drink)
1 oz Rumple Minze peppermint liqueur
1 oz peach schnapps
1/2 oz creme de cacao
Mix ingredients together in a cocktail glass over ice.

Purple Panty Dropper recipe:
(Shot Recipe)
1/3 oz Bailey's® Irish cream
1/3 oz creme de noyaux
1/3 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1/3 oz Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur
Mix the Rumple Minze, Blue Curacao, and Creme de Noyaux in a cocktail shaker with ice. 
Strain into a rocks glass. 
Slowly drop Bailey's Irish Cream to the bottom of the shot glass.

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House of Spirits: Tia Maria, a closer look into this coffee liqueur.

What is Tia Maria? House of Spirits: TIA MARIA, a closer look into this wonderful coffee liqueur.

Tia Maria Company Website: http://www.tiamaria.com

What is Tia Maria?

Tia Maria is a wonderful coffee liqueur that was first made in Jamaica from fine Jamaican coffee beans. Tia Maria has a alcohol content of 31%, some exports are 20%. The flavor, as you would expect is of dark coffee similar to Kahlua, but a bit darker. The main flavor of coffee is complemented by cane spirit or rum, vanilla and sugar.

History of Tia Maria?

Tia Maria was created by Dr. Evans shortly after WWII in Jamaica. Dr. Evans went threw a rigorous testing, using friends  and members of the Kingston Country Club until he came up with the perfect formula.

Tia Maria became under new ownership when it was bought by the famous brand of Pernod Ricard back in 2005 to be swold in France. Which makes it under the same ownership there as Malibu and Kahlua. In 2009 Illva Saronno bought the brand.

Tia Maria

How to drink Tia Maria?

Tia Maria can simply be drunk straight up with ice cubes.
Blended with milk and Ice.
Can be added to coffee.
used in desserts.
And of course many, many cocktails.

Tia Maria Recipes for Cocktails and Desserts?

There is a popular desert concoction made with Tia Maria, whipped-cream and cookie confection called the Tia Maria torte.

1/2 oz Tia Maria
1/2 oz rum (light or dark)
1 cup hot coffee
Mix in a coffee mug and serve with whipped cream. 



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House of Spirits: Learn all about Advocaat liqueur. What is Advocaat

What is Advocaat liqueur? How to make Advocaat at home and other recipes.

Advocaat (ad-vo-kat) 
Proof: 20-30

Sometimes called "Egg Cognac" Advocaat is a rich, sweet and creamy spirit.  It is very popular in Europe, widely consumed by the Dutch, who kept the recipe a secret for many years.  There are a lot of manufactors making there own style of Advocaat. Advocaat is made mainly with sugar, fresh egg yolks, aromatic spirits, vanilla, honey, cream and brandy. The flavor can be described as similar to custard. The closest thing here in the states would be something akin to eggnog.

There is a thick advocaat that is sold in parts of Europe that is eaten with a small spoon. In the west, import the thinner version.  The thick version of Advocaat, is used atop waffles, ice cream and other deserts.  It is also commonly served as a Aperitif. A popular way to serve advocaat is in a glass with cocoa powder and whipped cream. Because it contained pure egg yokes, it become great to use for many cocktails.

Advocaat Cocktail Drink.

Advokaat Cocktail Drink Recipes:

Snowball Drink Recipe: 
This is a very popular Advokkat cocktail.
• Advocaat
• sparkling lemonade 
• lime juice 

Bombardino Drink Recipe:
Another popular cocktail. Usually found in Italian ski resorts and lodges.
• advocaat
• black coffee
• whiskey

Advokaat Recipes: (Make Advokaat at home)

Basic Advokaat Recipe
This is a very good basic recipe to try. It is on the thicker side, so maybe use a spoon!
• 300 grams sugar 
• 25 grams vanilla sugar 
• 500 ml milk 
• 9 egg yolks 
• 350 ml 95% grain alcohol (Everclear)
• Optional: Honey

1. Mix the sugars together. 
2. In a large pot, boil the milk with half of sugars for a few minutes. 
3. Let cool down. 
4. Using a mixer at high speed mix the egg yolks and the remaining half of the sugars. 
5. While blending, add milk and the alcohol slowly. 
6. Bottle and let sit for about two weeks.

Brands of Advokaat


A brand of Advocaat

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Slow Gin A closer look, how to make sloe gin and sloe gin recipes.

Learn about the secrets of Sloe Gin. What is Sloe Gin and how to make homemade Sloe Gin at home. 

What exactly is sloe gin anyway, we get asked this question a lot. So we thought we would post this article on sloe gin to clear up a little confusion about this wonderful spirit with a far amount of history.

Sloe gin is made mainly from sloe berries or more commonly called blackthorn berries, that grow on the thorny blackthorn bush. They are a close relative to the common plum. They are usually picked late in the season at the ripest point in there growth cycle. Usually after the first frost. There are stories that the berries are pricked with the blackthorn thorns from the bush they grow on.

Sloe gin has a reddish color and a alcohol content between 15 and 30 percent.

The first account of sloe gin come from a poem from the British islands in 1717 which refers to drinks "... made at Home ... of Sugar, Sloes, and Grocer's Trash".  In 1838 it was described as a beverage "which the inhabitants of London swallow for port." Today slow gin is used in a wide variety of classic and modern cocktail drinks.

In pop culture history, the rock band Kiss, has a track called Sloe Gin, where Ace Frehley sings, "it's slow gin time again, you know it will always win."
Sloe Berry on a Blackthorn Bush.


Recipe and Instructions to brew your own batch of sloe gin at home. There are variations like sloe cider and sloe whiskey and even tales of infusing beer with the sloes. This recipe given here is for the classic sloe gin, which is very easy to make at home.

Sloe Gin Recipe:
• 500 grams ripe sloes (sloe fruit)
• 250 grams of sugar (more sugar for sweetness)
• 1 litre of Gin (any type of gin is fine)
Procedure:Many suggest freezing the sloes to improve flavor.
Start by pricking the sloes with a fork or other object.
Put them in a large sized canning type jar, 
Pour in the sugar.
Pour in the liter of gin and close the lid tight.
Shake the mix for about 3 minutes.
Shake every day making sure that all the sugar has dissolved.
Place in a dark spot like a cupboard.
After a few months, usually three months you will strain out the sloes by using muslin or cheesecloth. 
At this time the infused gin will take on the characteristic red color of sloe gin.
You can use the leftover sloes to make jam or even infuse wine.
You can decant the sloe gin to remove any sediment and clear the spirit.
Bottle and store in a cool dark place. 
Sloe gin gets better with age.

Options and Variations:
When made slow enough the sloe gin takes on an almond-like flavor from the sloes stones. 
Modern recipes use a short steeping time but also include a small bit of almond extract. 
Another variation is to add some spices like a few cloves and cinnamon.

Homemade Sloe Gin in canning jars.

Sloe Gin Cocktail Recipes (Mixed drinks that use sloe gin)

Sloe Gin Fizz Recipe: (most famous)
• 1 ounce each of sloe gin
• 1 ounce regular gin
• 1 ounce simple syrup. 
• Squeeze of half a lemon 
• Soda water to top

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:
Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Strain into a highball glass.
Top the cocktail with the soda water. 
Garnish this cocktail with a sliced orange and a cherry.


Cape Cod Cooler Recipe:
• 2 ounces sloe gin 
• 1 ounce regular gin
• Squeeze of lime
• 5 ounces  cranberry juice 
• Splash of orgeat syrup (almond)

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:
Shake all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Strain and pour over ice.
Serve in a Collins glass or a bar tumbler.


Sloe Gin Brands

Gordon's Sloe Gin http://www.gordons-gin.co.uk/
McGuinness Sloe gin
Phillips Sloe gin


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Learn about Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur.

What is Chambord? Learn all about Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur.
A classic raspberry liqueur with royal origins.

There is something about Chambord that just projects "Regal" like few other liqueurs can.

Old Chambord Bottle

Proof: 16.5% ABV
Main Taste: Raspberries, Cognac
Price Per Bottle: 35.00 to 40.00 range.

Chambord Origins
Chambord was influenced by a raspberry liqueur made in the Loire Valley France, in the 17th century. Chambord is still produced there today. The story of Chambords royal origins is as follows. A Chambord style liqueur was said to have been presented to King Louis XIV of France on one of his travels to the Château de Chambord.

How Chambord Made
Chambord uses all natural ingredients. The main ingredients are of course red and black raspberries, vanilla, citrus peel, honey and cognac. The cognac used, has been aged for 4 years or more. The process first starts out by steeping the raspberries in French spirits for a few weeks to properly infuse the flavors. Next another batch of spirits is added to the fruit infusion and set to rest for a few more weeks. Then the 2nd infusion is drawn off. The fruit that remains is then pressed to get the sugars and juice and then combined. After the infussion process, the chambord is mixed with cognac, vinilla, citrus peel, honey and other herbs and spices to create Chambords unique flavor.

One of the most memoriable aspects to Chambord, is the iconic spherical shaped bottle.  The bottle was redesigned in 2010 to appeal to a new generation of customers. The bottle redesign was needed, but many still miss the classic royal look of the old bottle. The new bottle I must say, still looks very regal all the same.

Up through 2010, Chambords bottle had a distinctive crown on the lid. It also had a gold belt with the word Chambard in 3d lettering. Both of these reflects Chambords royal origins. The bottles design is based on the the Globus Cruciger, (shown below) which is a classic Christian symbol of the orb and the cross, which implies the marraige of heaven and earth.

How to Enjoy Chambord Liqueur
The bottles states, that after opening, Chambord should be used within 6 months of opening.

Here are just some of the cocktail drinks that can be made from Chambord:Raspberry Margarita, French Manhattan, Chambord Daiquiri, Chambord Royal Spritzer, Little Purple Men, The Purple Hooter Shooter, Black Opal,  Grape Crush, French Martini, and the Blood of Christ cocktail, just to name a few.

Chambord Recipes:

The French Martini Recipe:
1 1/2 oz Chambord Flavored Vodka 1/2 oz Chambord Liqueur2 oz Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice until cold.
Then strain into a classic martini glass.
You can garnish the martini with raspberries.


Chambord® Margarita Royale Recipe:
1 1/2 oz Herradura Silver Tequila
3/4 oz Chambord Liqueur
3/4 oz Pomegranate Juice
1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

Mixing Instructions:
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice until cold. 
Next, strain into margarita glass. You can garnish with fresh raspberries.


The Raspberry Kamikaze cocktail 
6 ounces of alcohol in this cocktail.

Raspberry Kamikaze Recipe:
2 oz vodka (skyy, grey goose, absolut, shirnoff, etc.)
2 oz triple sec
2 oz Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
Instructions:Pour all into a old style fashioned glass with ice.


Hollywood Martini Recipe:
3 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Chambord Liqueur
Dash of  Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice until cold. 
Next, strain into a martini glass.


Chambord Ice Cream Recipe:
4 Scoops Vinilla Ice Cream
2 oz Chambord Liqueur

Mixing Instructions:
Pour the Chambord over the ice cream and enjoy!


Company Chombord Website: Link

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All About Spirits and Liquors Presents: Amaretto recipes, overview, origins.

Learn all about Amaretto. 
Amaretto is a semi-sweet almond flavored liqueur, that has fascinating origins in Italy.
The distinctive tastes comes from apricot or almond pits or a combination of both.

Amaretto is a main, or secondary ingredient in many classic cocktail drinks today.

Amaretto is Italian for "a bit bitter."
Also, their is a romantic connotation to the name, amore and amare which translates as "love" in Italian.

Amaretto has a fascinating story of origin. Sources state that is 1525, a Saronno church commissioned artist Bernardino Luini, which was one of the master renassance artist Leonardo da Vinci's pupils, to paint their sanctuary with frescoes of the Madonna.

The young artist, needed a model for the Virgin Mary, and came across a young widowed innkeeper. The young lady of humble means became his model. Many stories also talk about how she become his lover also.  She wanted to give the young artist a gift, and out of humble means, she steeped apricot kernels with some brandy and presented this simple gift to the young artist.

Popular Amaretto Brands

Disaronno Originale
Disaronno is becoming very popular today. Surprisingly the Disaronno website states that their amaretto contains no almonds, and is nut-free. This interesting fact makes it is safe for people with nut allergies.

Alcohol Content:  (28% abv),
Disaronno claims its "originale" and "secret formula" is unchanged from the year 1525, and claims the Luini tale as its own particular history. Its production remains in Saronno.

The company descries the process as using "apricot kernel oil" with "absolute alcohol, burnt sugar, and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits".

The amber liqueur is bottled in a distinctive rectangular glass in a decanter style. The glass bottle was designed by a craftsman from Murano, Italy.

Company Website: LINK

Lazzaroni Amaretto
Lazzaroni Amaretto also has a long and interesting history.
Made by Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli S.p.A., in Italy. The company also parades itself as the first such liqueur.  The Lazzaroni family also claims the tale of the young couple blessed by the bishop as the origin of their generations-guarded family recipe, which dates to 1718. The amaretto has been professionally made since 1851.

The Amaretto is based on an infusion of Amaretti di Saronno or macaroons.

Company Website: LINK

Other Amaretto Makers Include:
Bols  link
Ciemme   link
Casoni    link
Catron    link
Galliano  link
Gozio        link
Dekuyper  link
Dubois    link
Luxardo     link
Hiram Walker   link

How to drink Amaretto
You can drink Neat or all by itself.
You can drink it on the rocks or with ice.
Amaretto can be blended with other beverages and liquors to make all sorts of creative cocktail drinks.
May add it to coffee as a morning drink.
Add atop of deserts such as ice cream.

Amaretto Recipes: 
Cocktail drinks that use or contain amaretto as a main ingredient.

French Connection Recipe
• 1 part Amaretto liqueur
• 1 part Cognac
Mixing Instructions
Mix by pouring both directly into a old fashioned style glass with ice. 
Give a quick stir and serve.

Godfather Recipe
• 1 part Amaretto
• 1 part Scotch
Mixing Instructions
Mix by pouring both directly into a old fashioned style glass with ice. 
Give a quick stir and serve.

Toasted Almond Cocktail Recipe:
• 1 part Amaretto
• 1 part Kahlua liqueur
• 1 part Cream
Mixing Instructions
Mix by pouring both directly into a old fashioned style glass with ice. 
Give a quick stir and serve.

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What is amaretto, all about amaretto.